A Photo Challenge…

While scanning some other blogs over the weekend, I ran across this Photo-A-Day Challenge that seemed quite interesting.  I’m going to try it out and see what I can creatively capture.  The thing that I like the most about this challenge is that everyone will capture the subject of the day in a different manner.  For tomorrow’s topic, “up”…this could be the sky for you, a picture the word “up” itself for me, a point of view shot for someone else…there is no right or wrong way to capture the image.  I’m excited to see the images I’ll capture over the next month.  I will definitely be posting some (and perhaps all) of them!



Food Photography?



Here lately I find myself taking pictures of dishes I’ve prepared (like this one) on a regular basis.  I didn’t think much of it until a few people mentioned to me that I may want to consider product photography in the future.  Perhaps, that’s something I should consider.  In the meantime, however, I’ve decided on my “major” spring photography project.  I’m going to work on developing a cookbook that contains some of my favorite recipes, as well as, some dishes that have been in my family for quite some time.  I’ve thought about compiling recipes on many occasions, but never in this manner before.  I’m actually planning to put in the work of capturing images of the dishes and pairing select recipes with pictures.  I may even get a little fancy and include poems and family stories in the book as well.  My intent isn’t to get the book published on any scale, rather, I think it would be neat to have this professionally created recipe book in my house to share with family and friends when they visit.

From today’s image you can see that I’ve already put the ball in motion.  This picture captures my spinach and crab dip.  This recipe is based on a  dip I tasted while out an about several years ago.  I would argue that my dish is slightly better than the one I had at the restaurant, but I may be a slightly biased food critic.

We shall see how the book unfolds in the coming months.  I’ll be sure to share the final version with all.

Peace and Blessings!


Awww….To Be Focused!

What a joy it is for my life to feel somewhat in focus again!  Until this week, I don’t think I fully understood just how hectic my life has been over the past several months.  It’s amazing how a lack of focus in one area of life has a significant impact on every other aspect of one’s life.  Always being on the go and never truly having a home base was my norm.  I just rolled with the punches and made the important things (you know, working, eating, sleeping, etc.) happen, but I was never completely focused on any one thing.  But, in the last few weeks, life has taken on a new focus.  I moved into my new place…what an exciting moment…and have begun to live MY life again!  Having my own home base has been so freeing, even though it’s only been for a few short days.  I had no idea just how overwhelmed my life was.  I now feel free to focus again on so many things that are important to me…exercising, eating healthy, finding time to spend with friends, posting on this blog, and the list goes on.

So where shall I focus my energy first…

I’ve got three areas of attention for the time being…my career, my photography, and my exercise commitment.  While I’ve found balance in my home life, I’ve also found that lack of balance in my life career wise.  True enough, I’m among the blessed right now because I have a stable job, but somewhere along the way I lost focus on my passion and in turn, I find myself working at a job that doesn’t make my heart burn…it pays the bills, but I don’t feel like I’m making an impact on this world.  In light of this, I’m going to be putting forth a lot of energy over the next few months to position myself to be who I am called to be.  The other areas…my photography and exercise commitment…well, these are the two things that got brushed to the side while life was out of focus, so I’m just recommitting myself to these things that bring me joy and relief from stress.

No matter how life unfolds in the future, I’m going to put forth my best effort to always stay focused.