Food Photography?



Here lately I find myself taking pictures of dishes I’ve prepared (like this one) on a regular basis.  I didn’t think much of it until a few people mentioned to me that I may want to consider product photography in the future.  Perhaps, that’s something I should consider.  In the meantime, however, I’ve decided on my “major” spring photography project.  I’m going to work on developing a cookbook that contains some of my favorite recipes, as well as, some dishes that have been in my family for quite some time.  I’ve thought about compiling recipes on many occasions, but never in this manner before.  I’m actually planning to put in the work of capturing images of the dishes and pairing select recipes with pictures.  I may even get a little fancy and include poems and family stories in the book as well.  My intent isn’t to get the book published on any scale, rather, I think it would be neat to have this professionally created recipe book in my house to share with family and friends when they visit.

From today’s image you can see that I’ve already put the ball in motion.  This picture captures my spinach and crab dip.  This recipe is based on a  dip I tasted while out an about several years ago.  I would argue that my dish is slightly better than the one I had at the restaurant, but I may be a slightly biased food critic.

We shall see how the book unfolds in the coming months.  I’ll be sure to share the final version with all.

Peace and Blessings!



One thought on “Food Photography?

  1. Wow, that sounds awesome. I can attest to the fact that your crab and spincah dip is delicious!! Can’t wait to see the book. God bless and I wish you the best…

    Sis Gwen

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