Follow the Beat…

"Black Magic"
Photo by Dawn M. Wayman

This picture is perhaps one of my favorites.  This my guitar…Black Magic…every once in a while, we get together and play a tune, but that’s not all that often these days!  I’m working on changing that though.  I have loved music my entire life…one of my greatest regrets (for a wide variety of reasons) is not sticking to piano lessons when I was younger.  Despite that, I love music in its purest form…for me, there’s nothing more beautiful than hearing a piano or a guitar being played all by itself.  As I sat in church this morning, the musician played softly, “What Shall I Render”.  When I was younger, I preferred to not hear such hymns, but now when I listen to the composition and words of such songs, they’re absolutely beautiful.  The amazing thing is that if we’ll just listen to the words of these hymns, and essentially “follow the beat” of the music, we can become so inspired in our walk with God.  I’m learning to accept that walking with God means following beat of His drum, and not my own drum…I’m not really a fan of that!  Following God’s beat truly means laying down our desires and taking up our cross, taking on our assignment, and trusting that God will carry us, take care of us, provide for us, and be just who He says He is, God our Father.

Until next time…which may be sooner rather than later, as I’m now finding my blog time to be more relaxing.


No Problems…Only Lessons!

My life is not filled with problems and challenges, rather it’s filled with so many great lessons to learn!  Everywhere I go, every experience I have, every person I meet is an important component of the lessons I’m intended to learn!

Can you imagine how amazing our lives would be if we looked at life from this perspective?  Can you imagine how many things we would learn if we simply changed our “lens” and looked at life from a new vantage point?

I don’t know how or when my perspective changed, but at some point over this past year, the light bulb went off in my analytical mind and I stopped looking at things and situations in a negative light (i.e. problems, barriers, etc.) and began to seek out the lessons I was supposed to learn in the midst of each situation I have faced.  This has helped me to not resent my current place in life…not that things are horrible…but there are some things that I wish were a bit different.  I find myself in the midst of a quarter life crisis perhaps.  Not in every area of my life, but in my career.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about science and medicine…I never once considered pursuing a career outside of this area, but now as a thirty-something, I am questioning if this is really how I feel.  I question why I didn’t take an opportunity in college to take classes outside of this area just for the sake of it…why didn’t I take a business class or two…why didn’t I take a computer science class, or photography class…just to see if there were other career options that I’d like to pursue!  Perhaps it’s because I was young and knew it all back then…but now, I realize just how much I didn’t know.  And even more, I now realize:

  1. I’m not doing what I was called to do!  I really do feel like we are all called to do something in this life.
  2. I was created to have an IMPACT on people’s lives!  I was created to SERVE others…deep down I have that nurturing spirit.
  3. There is a free spirited, a creative, and an artsy person that lives in me that is dying to get out and be nurtured!
  4. Money is good, but it’s far from everything!
  5. I really can pursue my creative passions…I don’t have to be locked into a career path just because that’s where I am right now!

These 5 things are amazing lessons I’ve learned about myself.  Now I have to pray hard and discover what direction my life will take moving forward.  Learning a lesson means nothing if one doesn’t strive for growth as a result of it.  I’m too safe to make drastic and risky decisions, but I am certain that I have to start honoring the person I am called to be or I will continue to be frustrated with how I spend most of the hours of my week.

Until next time…


Too Busy for God?

The past two weeks have been nothing short of challenging for me.  It’s been tough…work has felt like hell on earth…challenges that I’ve worked really hard to overcome in my personal life have been creeping up…I’ve felt like people all around me have been less than understanding (because everyone thinks they are top priority) and have tried to capitalize my time…it’s been tough!  As I was riding home from the gym tonight, I was reflecting on my faith walk as of late and this question entered my mind…Am I too busy for God?

What a humbling wake-up call!  Have I become so consumed with MY life, that I’ve placed God on the back burner.  Although I would like to say no, that would be a lie.  I’ve found that my prayers have gotten shorter…I skip my devotional at least a few days a week…I’m ready to speak a piece of mind to folks on a regular basis…it seems that I’m drifting away from God when I need to be drawing closer to Him.  I’m not sure why this is weighing heavily on my heart tonight, but perhaps it’s because I recognize how faithful God has been to me and how much my life is not a reflection of Him and His love at this moment in time.  How did I get to this place?

The blessing is, no matter how far I feel from God, He is still right by my side.  My prayer tonight is that my relationship with God will again become the top priority in my life.  My prayer is also that I will make time for more nights like tonight…I made an active decision to only do what I wanted to do tonight.  I went to the gym because I wanted to…I left work at work because I didn’t want to be bothered…I just spent time alone with me, and it was good!  Before I call it a night, I’m going to spend some time with God and just be open to whatever it is the He has to say to me tonight.  For when He speaks, all things work out!

Peace and blessings.

Today’s Photo: Up


After today’s challenging day in the office, my blood pressure was “up”!  I was not a happy camper about that considering my BP is usually quite low.  This photo is not of the best quality…I wasn’t sure I could take pictures in the doctor’s office, so I had to sneak it in.  Who knew this would be my “up” photo of the day!