No Problems…Only Lessons!

My life is not filled with problems and challenges, rather it’s filled with so many great lessons to learn!  Everywhere I go, every experience I have, every person I meet is an important component of the lessons I’m intended to learn!

Can you imagine how amazing our lives would be if we looked at life from this perspective?  Can you imagine how many things we would learn if we simply changed our “lens” and looked at life from a new vantage point?

I don’t know how or when my perspective changed, but at some point over this past year, the light bulb went off in my analytical mind and I stopped looking at things and situations in a negative light (i.e. problems, barriers, etc.) and began to seek out the lessons I was supposed to learn in the midst of each situation I have faced.  This has helped me to not resent my current place in life…not that things are horrible…but there are some things that I wish were a bit different.  I find myself in the midst of a quarter life crisis perhaps.  Not in every area of my life, but in my career.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about science and medicine…I never once considered pursuing a career outside of this area, but now as a thirty-something, I am questioning if this is really how I feel.  I question why I didn’t take an opportunity in college to take classes outside of this area just for the sake of it…why didn’t I take a business class or two…why didn’t I take a computer science class, or photography class…just to see if there were other career options that I’d like to pursue!  Perhaps it’s because I was young and knew it all back then…but now, I realize just how much I didn’t know.  And even more, I now realize:

  1. I’m not doing what I was called to do!  I really do feel like we are all called to do something in this life.
  2. I was created to have an IMPACT on people’s lives!  I was created to SERVE others…deep down I have that nurturing spirit.
  3. There is a free spirited, a creative, and an artsy person that lives in me that is dying to get out and be nurtured!
  4. Money is good, but it’s far from everything!
  5. I really can pursue my creative passions…I don’t have to be locked into a career path just because that’s where I am right now!

These 5 things are amazing lessons I’ve learned about myself.  Now I have to pray hard and discover what direction my life will take moving forward.  Learning a lesson means nothing if one doesn’t strive for growth as a result of it.  I’m too safe to make drastic and risky decisions, but I am certain that I have to start honoring the person I am called to be or I will continue to be frustrated with how I spend most of the hours of my week.

Until next time…



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