Follow the Beat…

"Black Magic"
Photo by Dawn M. Wayman

This picture is perhaps one of my favorites.  This my guitar…Black Magic…every once in a while, we get together and play a tune, but that’s not all that often these days!  I’m working on changing that though.  I have loved music my entire life…one of my greatest regrets (for a wide variety of reasons) is not sticking to piano lessons when I was younger.  Despite that, I love music in its purest form…for me, there’s nothing more beautiful than hearing a piano or a guitar being played all by itself.  As I sat in church this morning, the musician played softly, “What Shall I Render”.  When I was younger, I preferred to not hear such hymns, but now when I listen to the composition and words of such songs, they’re absolutely beautiful.  The amazing thing is that if we’ll just listen to the words of these hymns, and essentially “follow the beat” of the music, we can become so inspired in our walk with God.  I’m learning to accept that walking with God means following beat of His drum, and not my own drum…I’m not really a fan of that!  Following God’s beat truly means laying down our desires and taking up our cross, taking on our assignment, and trusting that God will carry us, take care of us, provide for us, and be just who He says He is, God our Father.

Until next time…which may be sooner rather than later, as I’m now finding my blog time to be more relaxing.



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