I Feel God…

Do you ever find yourself in place, season, or space where you just FEEL God?  He’s with us all the time, but there are moments in life when it feels like God is perhaps more present.  In those moments, you find that people with whom you do not discuss spiritual matters start asking your opinion on spiritual things, folks come up to you asking for you to pray with and for them, and you find yourself seeking God more so than before.  While these moments seem wonderful, sometimes you just don’t want to feel God like that.  It’s in those moments where you kick Him [God] to the curb, you put up a good fight with Him, and you clearly articulate all the ways in which He is interfering with your life, YET, He remains in your presence.  Despite everything you do, you still feel him all around you.  That’s where I am right now…God has invaded my street!

Now, I’m not suggesting that this is a bad thing.  The very opposite could be true, and I could be living like hell with not an ounce of hope in sight, but that’s not my story.  I’m clear that when God is in our presence, we can rest assured that He is grooming us for something greater.  This reality alone lends itself to a number of soul-searching questions…will we go where God is calling us to go…will we do what God is calling us to do…will we meet a lost brother or sister just where they are and offer some encouragement…will we be a light to a dying world…will we be attuned to the area of ministry in which the Lord is calling us to work…will we willingly march to the beat of His drum, or will we continue to do things our way?  I would argue that we can’t feel God, and continue to march to the beat of our own drum.  And if we do, I would venture to say that there’s no way we can stay on beat.  How do I know…hmm!

I’ve decided to be very transparent in today’s post.  I find myself on an airplane right now (literally) heading to Portland, OR for a conference related to my job.  In a message I shared at the end of last year, I talked about how I don’t like to fly…it makes me nervous and my inability to have control while in the plane is quite bothersome to me.  Turbulence scares me and if I could, I would just skip the flight process altogether, but since that’s not an option, I’ve managed to learn some spiritual lessons from my issues with flying.

  • God is truly at work all around me. – Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby
  • God has my best interest at heart, he’s in the driver’s seat and even though I can’t see everything that’s going on behind the scenes, He’s got it…He knows the plan He has for me.
  • Sometimes you have to go through those turbulent moments in life in order to reach your destination.  Despite one’s best efforts, there’s simply no way to avoid them.

What do these lessons mean to me?  When I think about how planes float through the air, and when I see the clouds, the land, and water from the sky…I’m amazed by the magnificence of God’s hand and His works.  These things remind me that God is truly at work all around me.  This is the easy, carefree lesson I understood and quickly grasped.  Honestly, if all I ever saw was a bird’s eye view of earth, that would be enough to make me a believer in Christ.  I’m fully convinced that only my God could have made such a marvelous creation known as Earth.

But that’s the easy lesson.  The tough ones (well, for me at least)…truly accepting that God has my best interest at heart and accepting that experiencing the turbulent times in life are essential for getting me to my destiny!  Those are easy lessons as long as things are going smoothly and God’s plans align with our plans, but when they differ, it’s a whole NEW situation.  When I’m flying, I’m good as long as there isn’t turbulent air…like what I’m riding in at the moment.  We’ve done more than a little bit of bouncing from Houston to Portland, but God (and the medicine) have kept me sane!!!!  But I digress…that’s where I find myself now…God and I are somewhat at odds about His plans for my life and my plans for MY life.  At the end of the day, God will win, so I’m not quite sure why I put up a fight.  But it’s just my nature, I like to understand everything that’s happening around me, I like to understand the beginning point and the end point, I like to understand why things are happening the way they are, but it’s not always that way with God.  And so, given this, I’m simply going to choose to feel the fullness of God in my life and follow Him.