A Year of Running…

A Year of Running

This week marks one year since I first took a chance at running.  On Monday morning, my Mom and I worked out at the gym in our hotel, much like we did this time last year.  However, the huge difference was that a year ago I could barely run on the treadmill for 5 minutes…this year, I’ve got a 5K under my belt, I can run longer an faster than ever before, and I’m in an amazing place physically.

This year of running has been nothing short of a journey though (is any part of life really?)…I went from working out regularly, running outside several times during the week, and being extremely conscience of my food choices to rarely working out, gaining back a lot of weight, and feeling like quitting.  There were knee issues along the way that forced me to not run my original 5K race, there were moments of anger, frustration, and self-hate, but I still managed to run in some way, shape or form for the entire year.  I eased back into a running routine, I accepted that my fitness level changed, and I persevered.

So, I’ve been running for a year…now what?

Things certainly don’t stop here.  I’m hoping to begin biking more frequently (if life would ever slow down!).  I want to incorporate more resistance training into my weekly workouts, and I want to keep running races!  Up next (perhaps?)…the 5K race at the Baltimore Running Festival or the 5K Komen Race for the Cure.  No matter what race I choose, I’m so excited about my progress and my commitment to a life of health and wellness.

Until next time…peace!


One thought on “A Year of Running…

  1. When we have discovered what makes our clock tick, life and relationships can take on a fresh new meaning because we have discerned our purpose. Your excitement is contagious and your passion for health is evident. God is up to something, Dawn, and He has you right in the middle of it. The eye has not seen, nor has the ear heard…. All the best in your endeavors!

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