Praying for my enemies!

Last week was some week for me…it was long and challenging (at best)!  As I was out running some errands this evening, a thought was impressed upon my heart…“Pray for your enemies”!  After the way last week ended, this was the last thought I wanted to emerge in my mind, particularly because I have trouble not acting on my convictions, but I can’t always control the things that pop into my mind.  So, as I was circling my promises in prayer tonight, I found myself praying for my enemies, known and unknown, as well.  The interesting thing is, my prayer wasn’t that they would get the bad that I feel they deserve or that they would experience pain and suffering, rather, my prayer was that God would forgive them for their wrongs just as He has forgiven me, that His spirit would infiltrate their being, and that He would heal their entire being, for only hurting people hurt people.

I didn’t pray for those people who dislike me because they are my favorite people whom I want to receive God’s richest blessings, I prayed for them because I’m obligated to.  I recognize that the only way I can receive God’s promises for my life is by releasing the bitterness from my heart and forgiving even my enemies.  I’m in no way saying I’m there yet…I would be lying if I said I’ve forgiven every one of my enemies.  Frankly, my enemies make me sick and praying for them stinks!  Let’s be honest, why in the world would we want God to show compassion towards those who are far less than compassionate towards us?  Why should I want to pray for the people who sit and plot out my demise…why should I want God to help those people who hardly have a good bone in them?  These questions will always linger in my mind, but  I recognize that in praying for my enemies, I’m doing my part, and for that God will indeed prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

So, while I’m not happy about praying for these folks, I’m working on doing better at being obedient, so I’m going to praying for my enemies.  And because I’m praying for them, I know God will bless me!

Until next time…



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