October Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 1-Where I Stood


Another month…another attempt at completing the photo-a-day challenge…we’ll see how it goes this time!  I think I may have figured out a plan though, so I’m dreaming big!

For today’s photo, the topic was “Where I Stood”.  I really wanted to post a pic of my family, but I didn’t have a picture that I took of them, so I thought it would be cheating a bit.  Nevertheless, if I don’t know anything else, I am very clear that I’ve made it this far in life because I literally stand on the shoulders of my family every single day!  They challenge me, they encourage me, they inspire me, they motivate me, and they push me through life even when I want to give up!

One of my life goals that has always remained consistent is to do better than my parents.  For me, that sets the bar pretty high because no matter how good or bad my parents have done in the eyes of others, I think they’re pretty amazing…not perfect, but my folks have always done whatever they’ve needed to do to give me the best life possible, and that alone is amazing in my book.  The beautiful thing is that my folks didn’t just give me material things, but they instilled morals and values in me…they taught me to respect my elders, they taught me the value of education, they showed me the value of good common sense, they showed me what a good work ethic looked like, they taught me the importance of having a relationship with Christ…they taught me so many wonderful things!

And so, in trying to reach my goal of doing better than my parents, there have been so many times that I’ve felt like an absolute failure, I’ve felt like I let my family down because I haven’t been at the place in life where I “thought” I should be.  But in those moments of defeat, my parents are always there to support me…to yank me out of my pity party!  So, while this pictures shows me standing on the sidewalk, because that’s literally where I stood when I took the picture, the reality is I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors, I stand on the shoulders of my grandparents, I stand on the shoulders of my parents, I stand on the shoulders of my brother, and because I’ve stood on the shoulders of so many others…it’s now my responsibility to kneel down, lift the next generation up, and let them stand on my shoulders!

Until next time…peace and blessings!


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