C’mon Spring!

Is it just me, or are others sick and tired of winter!

On this federal holiday…I found myself running around doing a little shopping, and picked up a small bouquet of flowers.  I figured they would add a little sunshine to my kitchen.  For some reason, this winter has truly given me the blues!  I haven’t been as motivated to exercise, there are days when I have come home and instantly put on my pajamas…I’ve just been in a funk this winter.  So, without hesitation, I can honestly say that I’m ready for spring.  I’m looking forward to getting outside and enjoying a bit of fresh air, I’m looking forward to going out for some runs and riding my bike in the park, I’m ready to leave my coat at home and put on a cute sundress and hat…I’m ready for spring!

So, even though it’s cold outside AGAIN…these flowers have brought a little sunshine to my day!


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