Stir Crazy!!!!!!!

I have no idea how people can sit in the house and do nothing for multiple days at a time!  I unfortunately caught the flu, despite getting the vaccine, over the weekend, and I’ve been in the house since Sunday afternoon.  Yes, I had to go out to the doctor and the store to pick up some juice and soup, but for the most part I’ve been in the house.  In case no one ever told you this, “Staying inside is for the birds”!  I’m ready to get out of here!

These 3 days inside have confirmed that I like to be out and about enjoying life.  I frequently  complain about having too much to do and always being tired and such, but I would take that over being in the house any day!  I’m so sick of sleeping, reading, and walking in circles!  Technically, I could have spent these days finishing up some books, but instead, I spent yesterday and today thinking about how inconvenient the flu is.  Monday I was so sick and had no desire to move out of the bed…not even to take meds, but the story is quite different now.  Today’s frustration…how will the flu impact my ability to start my 5K season (which really isn’t that extensive) in May?  Since treadmill running is very different from completing an outdoor race, I feel like I need a solid 8 weeks to do outdoor runs to feel comfortable for race day.  This flu has messed that all up…hopefully, I’ll be fully recovered within two weeks or so and can get running outside!  True enough there are other things I can do to slowly prepare for my first race of the year, but that wasn’t a part of my plan!  We all know MY plan is the most important plan!  LOL!  I’m always learning that’s far from the true…

Anywho…I’m just glad I just had a touch of the flu.  It could have been much worse.  And best of all…tomorrow, I will be up and out of the house!!!!


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