Sweet Memories!

Mom Putt

Walking home…


Well, tomorrow marks one month since my grandmother passed away, and while I miss her and think about her EVERY single day, I have nothing but sweet memories.  I’m not bitter or angry about her death, it’s sometimes just hard to remember she’s not actually here.  I often find myself laughing about the conversations she and I would share…or thinking about what her response would be to some of the things I manage to do…or just wishing I could have one more conversation with her!  I didn’t know how I was going to respond to her death…I questioned whether I would be able to pull myself together and handle it, but God has given me amazing strength to keep my head up in this season.  But it sure is tough, Mom Putt has always just been there for me…I still remember she and my grandfather giving me one of my first bikes…a pink bike with training wheels and a white basket…I remember her fixing pancakes for breakfast whenever I asked as a child…when I broke off my engagement, it was Mom Putt who gave me a lasting poem, Grandmother’s Pearls of Wisdom, that still hangs on my refrigerator…whenever I got an award or was recognized for an accomplishment, I could always count on Mom Putt to be rooting for me…for my 21st birthday, Mom Putt was the first in the car as went to the slots to celebrate!  Even though Mom Putt had health challenges…she always supported me, there were several occasions where she came to my churches in Baltimore even though she didn’t feel well to hear me speak or support me at Usher’s Day.  Not long before she passed, she even asked me to bring her some pictures of my place because she didn’t she would be able to come visit me and see my house.  That’s the kind of grandmother she was to me.  She was honest with me even with the tough stuff (like nasty cancer!), but she always loved and supported me. Mom Putt was so special to me!

Although she was the youngest of her siblings, Mom Putt truly was the matriarch of my Dad’s family and she created a unique (and sometimes challenging) family.  The older I get, the more I realize that not everyone shared a similar experience.  It was normal for us to have  dinner as an entire family at least twice monthly, it was normal for my parents to drop off chicken or turkey wings or a pot roast in the morning for my grandmother and aunts to cook for us to share for a family dinner in the evening, it was normal for Mom Putt to welcome anyone who wanted to stop by her house on any given day to stay for a few hours, few days, or few months…that’s just the way it was.  There will never be another Mom Putt…she was a unique lady!

So, yes life is now different, it’s tough, it’s challenging, it’s not always easy, but it’s well!

I pray that Mom Putt’s soul is resting and Lord knows I hope she doesn’t have those ushers marching around heaven all day!

Until next time…


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