A Personal Resurrection!

A couple of weeks ago, as Resurrection Sunday was approaching, I thought of the meaning of Easter in a new and different way.  Yes, we celebrate our risen Christ and the joy of salvation that His resurrection has brought, but I also thought about the dead things, people, and places that God has resurrected me from.  It’s easy to lose sight of our reality – despite how we may feel in our present moment, God has breathed new life into our dead bodies!  Everything that we have and everything that we are is a direct result of God bringing us out of our dead states of being – depression, unemployment, illness, barren wombs, broken families, empty pockets, homelessness, broken relationships, loss of a close loved one too soon, and the list goes on.  There are no situations too desperate for our God to work a miracle!

The thought of having a personal resurrection encouraged me greatly!  Those who know me best fully understand that I have a tendency to get stuck in my own pity party.  At times, I envy the lives of others…not because I’m not happy for the wonderful blessings that others are experiencing, rather it’s because I get frustrated with God not moving fast enough on His promises for my life.  Frankly, there are even times when I have my doubts about whether or not God is going to deliver on His promises for my life.  Yes, He’s revealed some things, but there’s no evidence that progress is being made in those areas…in my mind (be it right or wrong), we’re not moving forward and that, my friends, is discouraging.

But…when I’m reminded that our God didn’t stop resurrecting lives with Jesus, my heart rejoices!  When I think of the places where I didn’t get stuck, it gives me hope for my future!  It reminds me that the worldly pleasures that Satan flashes before our eyes on a daily basis will never be better than the very best blessings that our God has in store for us.  God truly is at work in every situation of our lives at all times.  Even when we find ourselves angry about our lives not going as planned, He’s still working on our behalf.

So, on this midweek morning, I’m excited because I have truly found a new zeal for life, and it’s not dependent on a person or a thing…my state of being hasn’t changed – the struggles I was facing on Monday, I’m still facing today, but my state of thinking has matured allowing me to look at things differently!  I now get that God has resurrected me from so much and there’s no reason to look back!  Do know that getting it is different from recognizing it!

For longer than I should have, I’ve wallowed in things lost, I’ve wasted time trying to understand why things didn’t work or why I feel stuck in this place, that place, or the other place, I’ve wasted hours wondering why God seems to be withholding good things from a good person like me, when, in reality, these questions don’t matter.  What matters is that I focus on the new life that God has breathed into my body.  I’m reminded of the songwriter stating, I once was lost, but now I’m found.  This morning I recognize that I once was dead, but now I’m alive.

Until next time, peace!