A Spending Fast…

Have you ever reached that place in life where you’ve decided enough is enough?

As I sit here mentally preparing for the week and month ahead, I’ve reached that place.  As I began to work on my monthly budget this aternoon (again!), I came to the conclusion that I really need to stop wasting money!  I’m blessed to have an amazing job that pays me well enough to meet all of my monthly expenses; however, I’ve noticed that I spend haphazardly…I’m not good at following a budget plan.  Given the person that I am, I’m certain I could find 101 excuses to justify my spending, but I’m opting to not go down that path at this particular moment.  Rather, I’m electing to acknowledge my self-centered behavior and move forward with a more disciplined approach.  I call my behavior self-centered because I choose to do certain things purely out of want.  For example, I’ve been a member of the same gym, which I love, for the past 4 years.  Four years ago, this particular gym was conveniently located across the street from my apartment.  Now, however, it’s located 15-20 minutes away.  I continue to remain a member because I really like the gym and the people, yet I only go there 1-2 times per week (on a good week).  Clearly, this is not the best way to use my money, especially considering I can work out at my job’s gym for one-quarter of the price…ONE QUARTER…but I’m stubborn and don’t want to go through the challenge of change!  Selfish and a bit immature I know, but I’m working on it.

The thought of going on a spending fast for a significant period of time lacks all initial appeal.  I enjoy going to Pier 1 Imports or Target and buying things that are on clearance.  I can honestly say that there are few weeks when I don’t buy something that I don’t necessarily need to possess.  I’m going to have to work hard on this because I like to buy stuff…even things that I don’t really need, but in the end I know it will be well worth it!  One of my ultimate life goals is to truly be the lender and not the borrower.  But in order to work the plan, I have to make sure I have a plan in place starting with the development of my wants vs. needs list in an effort to propel me closer to this goal.  This is not going to be a season of enjoying most of my wants, rather, it will be a season where I will have to enjoy free museum visits, free concerts, all homecooked meals, and the comforts of my home.

So, I suppose a visit to the work gym is tomorrow’s to-do list!

Until next time…


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