Everybody Doesn’t Get a Daddy Like This!


My Dad and Me

Sometimes in this life, we are reminded of the things that we so easily take for granted.  This rang ever so true in my life today.  This morning the men at my church celebrated their annual men’s day.  We had a guest preacher who spoke about the divine impregnation of Mary.  We often hear this story preached from the perspective of Mary…things on the order of pregnant with a possibility and such, but today’s preacher spoke about this story from the male perspective, Joseph’s response to Mary’s pregnancy and used the sermonic theme, “Everybody Doesn’t Get a Daddy Like This!”  He talked about the awesome father Joseph was to a son who wasn’t even his own…he talked about how he cared for this boy and taught this boy, Jesus, the art of carpentry and showed him how to be a man…but what really struck me in this sermon is how this preacher described 3 types of fathers – the “rolling stone” father, the “present but absent” father, and the “all-in” dad.

The message in the sermon touched my heart so much, and it made me think about how fortunate I am to have an “all-in” dad…a dad whom I have far too often take for granted, a dad who, through arguments and moments of hate, has always been there, a dad that was at every band performance I had in high school, a dad who moved me into my college dorm, in and out of apartments, a dad who gladly cooks for me when I come home, a dad who remained strong for my family when my grandmother passed away leaving a huge hole in our hearts, a dad who isn’t perfect, but unselfishly loves his family, a dad whose grandchildren absolutely adore him, a dad who is more than words can describe…I was blessed to get a dad like that.  But, not everyone gets a dad like this.  I’ll will be the first to admit, I haven’t always appreciated my dad as I should.  We often times think about how great our mothers are, and we easily show them appreciation for all they have done for us, they gave us life, but we often forget that our lives are a result of divine collision that both our mothers and fathers played a part in.  Sometimes our “all-in” dads get neglected and aren’t shown the same degree of love and appreciation as our mothers.  How unfair is that?

At the conclusion of the sermon, the preacher took a poll to see who had each type of dad across the congregation, and then asked those of us with “all-in” dads to pray with those who have not had that same experience.  That, my friends, is where it hit home for me.  As I was praying with some of my friends from church, tears streamed down my face (really, it was more like water works…but I don’t cry so I would never admit to that!) because I realized just how much I’ve taken my dad for granted over the years.  I’m so guilty of not saying thank you for the things he has done for me, I’m guilty of not saying “I love you” to him, I’m guilty of placing conditions on my relationship with him, I’m guilty of not trying to look at things from his perspective…I haven’t always given my dad a fair chance, but despite these things, he has always been an “all-in” dad…he’s made some mistakes (I have too!) and he’s not perfect, never has been, and never will be, but he loves with me every fiber of his being.  I will forever be his one and only daughter, and that means the world to me!

So tonight, I celebrate my Dad not only because he is my earthly father, but because “Not Everyone Gets a Daddy Like This!”  I’m a lucky girl to have him!

Until next time…


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