And, we’re off…

I managed to check 1 thing off of my 101 list today!  That’s something worth celebrating…in some ways I feel like checking things off of this list is like singing 99 bottles of “something…beer, coke, you name it” on the wall in slow motion.  But, sticking to it is the key.

Today’s success, I checked checked off item 23, “Write a letter to open in 1,001 days”.  What an interesting task…I can’t divulge the details since the letter is to me…but this is definitely something I would recommend to others.  I think it’s easy to focus on the accomplishments we do not see and forget about all the progress we have made.  I hope at the end of these 1,001 days, this letter will make me smile in knowing that I’ve accomplished some great things since the time I wrote it.

Until next time…


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