What to Write?

Well…I must admit, I don’t have much to write about tonight, but I’m trying to reach my 101 goal of posting on my blog weekly for an entire year…so I had to write something or else I’d have to start over.

That being said, I’m excited about the progress I’ve made on some of my goals.

  • I’m almost finished developing my weekly cleaning schedule.
  • I’ve worked out and tracked my daily meals for 3 consecutive days now.
  • I’ve got 4 out of 30 running miles under my belt…I’m getting back in my exercise groove, so getting in 30 miles in 30 days shouldn’t be difficult at all.
  • I’m in the process of reading 2 books I own…once I finish these only 8 more to go.

There are other goals that I question why I included on my list…journaling for 30 consecutive days, what was I thinking?  And getting to work by 8 am for an entire month…surely I was dreaming on that one!  Regardless, I’m glad I decided to embark on this 1,001 day journey.  If it has done nothing else, it has forced me to focus on reaching a number of personal goals and that’s a good thing.

Until next time…peace!


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