Change Management!

Change is good…change is healthy…change is strengthening and offers new opportunities…BUT, change is hard, it’s challenging, it doesn’t always feel good, and I often don’t like it.  Nevertheless it’s inevitable and I’m nervously excited about some big changes happening in my world!  In just a few short weeks, I’ll be taking a leap and moving to a new place…a place that I think will feel more like a home to me than where I currently reside, a place where I think enormous amounts of personal growth will occur, and a place that I think will be calming to my mind and spirit.

But despite all of the positive things I’m feeling about this change, I’m still silently struggling.  It’s my nature!  Whenever change is on the horizon in my life, I question myself repeatedly about whether or not I’m making the right decision, I often worry if failure will meet me in my place of change.  But, this morning on my church’s prayer call, I was reminded that God will meet us in whatever place He has guided us to, for me it’s my place of change…which is comforting!  God’s presence doesn’t mean this change in my life will be free of challenges, uneasiness, and all sorts of emotions, but it does mean that in all of these things He will be there to guide me, direct me, and comfort me if I call on Him.  That’s where I often make the mistake, and perhaps that is the root of my anxiety.  

I like to be in control of the comings and goings in my world, so when life happens in a manner in which I didn’t plan, I try to make sense of it, and figure things out…for example, if A skipped B and directly went to C, I want to know why that happened.  I ask questions all of the time (sometimes that’s a good thing, but not always)…I attempt to figure out every possible scenario and outline my response in advance, but as a Christian, I should seek God first in all things, especially in those challenging things.  God shouldn’t just be a part of the analytical process, He should be in charge of the process…which may or may not include the fulfillment of my need to make sense of things.  So, as I launch out and embrace and manage yet another change in my life…I want to trust God wholeheartedly with every bit of anxiety, fear, and nervousness that I feel in this moment.

Until next time…


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