Change the Message!

I’m super excited to see the dawning of a new year…2014!

This past Sunday, I had an opportunity to share a message with the young people of my church for our Youth Emphasis Sunday.  I talked about recognizing and walking in our spiritual gifts.  In the message, I also talked about how we can at times get discouraged in that lull of time between when we recognize the gifts that exist within us and when we actually begin to walk in our gifts and see the fruits of our labor.  I shared with the young people that during these moments of discouragement, we should focus on changing the message that we hear in our mind.  As usual, the messages we share with others often sheds light on our own lives first!

As I enter 2014, I recognize that I’ve had more than a few discouraging moments over the past 3-4 years in which I’ve mistakenly allowed negative messages to stream through my mind, which far too often led me to a depressed place.  But, as I enter this new year, I’m excited because I have another opportunity to get it right and I’m determined to the change the messages that infiltrate my mind!  This year, I’m committed to not feeling shame about the woman I am…I’m committed to not feeling guilt about my past mistakes…I’m committed to spreading my burdens out on the altar and leaving them ALL in God’s hands…I’m committed to forgiving myself for not being the 33-year old me who my 18-year old me envisioned…I’m committed to speaking words of affirmation to my own self…I’m committed to seeing the things that I do have, rather than focusing on the things that I don’t have…I’m committed to living wholeheartedly…I’m committed to giving myself permission to be vulnerable to the emotions of life…I’m committed to building relationships with those who are most important to me…and most importantly, I’m committed to getting my own house in order!

I believe that 2014 is going to be the year that everything comes together for me and I’m excited!

Until next time…


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