I’ll Run If…

I’m trying to push myself to be more motivated to run these days.  I really want to get back to the days of running being a source of release and satisfaction in my life…a place of relaxation and achievement…a place of joy and peace.  I want to return to that place where I’m driven to run faster, longer, and farther…that place where preparing for and running a 5K is the source of excitement.  While this is where I desire to be, I recognize that it was so much easier twenty pounds lighter and two years ago!  But…just because I’m not in that exact place where I “need” to be today doesn’t mean I can’t get back there.  It will require hard work, focus, and determination – all of which are a struggle for me – but I can get there.  To help get me back not track, I’m thinking that perhaps I will register for a few spring 5Ks earlier than usual.  In the past, I’ve waited until I knew for sure I could complete the race with dignity and an acceptable time before registering, but at the current moment, I’m certain (sans divine intervention) I’m not even close to that place.  Yet, I’m going to step out and register for a May and June race trusting that I’ll be ready by race day!  I’m fully aware that I’m running at a “finishing last” pace, rather than “finishing in the middle” pace…which makes my competitive being just not want to run at all, but I’m committed to getting back in my groove.  Sometimes we have to step out and trust that what we see currently is not reflective of what shall be in the future.  So, I’m planning to step up my workout routine…slower paced runs until I can increase the time of my runs, long cardio workouts on my non-running days, and the dreaded strength training!  But, it will be well worth it, so long as when race day arrives, I’m ready!

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