Intentionally Quiet!

Here lately it seems I’ve been working later than usual most nights.  I’ve realized that it’s my norm when I love what I’m doing.  I tend to work until a project is finished no matter how long it takes.  But, I must admit that despite the thrill of reaching my professional goals, all of this work is emotionally and physically draining.  As a result, I’ve found myself spending my time at home a bit more quiet and disconnected from technology.  Contrary to what one may believe, being quiet and undisturbed by the television and background noise has been amazingly wonderful.  There was a time when I never would have believed this to be true.  I used to think I always needed to be around people and always needed to have something on my schedule…I always needed to be busy, but I no longer have these thoughts.  I now relish in my quiet moments and alone time.  They are priceless in my eyes.

It’s so easy to become distracted by everything that’s going on in our world.  Somebody always needs us…if it’s not family, it’s work…if it’s not work, it’s friends…if it’s not friends, it’s a social organization…if it’s not a social organization, it’s church…if it’s not church, it’s our enemies, our neighbors, our hairdresser, and the list goes on!  Somebody or something always needs our attention!  The lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way over these past 9 months is that if I don’t say no, people will not stop asking.  On more than one occasion this year, I’ve been ready to throw in the towel and shut down to everyone…I’ve been completely worn out and mentally beat, but I had to accept that I did it to myself.  I allowed myself to become stressed and worn out.  I didn’t put the proper boundaries in place, I allowed others to dictate my schedule and my priorities, and because of this, I gave away the time that I needed just for me.

So…now I’m putting forth an honest effort to carve out some time to be one with my thoughts and emotions.  As an introvert, a key to my success is having that alone and quiet time, and I’m working real hard to incorporate it into my daily life.  Ringer turned off, TV turned off, music turned off, computer turned off…all for the sake of being intentionally quiet!

Until next time…


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