Love Makes Me Do It!

I’ve far too often declared that I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I’m overextended, and the like, yet it seems that these feelings have not stopped me from doing too much or adding new tasks to my plate.  I was glaringly reminded of this as I was driving home this afternoon.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been blessed to acquire several “adopted” mothers and fathers in my life.  This morning I attended a funeral (something I don’t do, I’m growing up!) to be supportive of one set of such parents.  After the service, I decided to take advantage of the remainder of my day off, and made a quick trip to my alma mater, Morgan State University.  As I was driving home, I received a phone call from another one of my acquired mothers who in such a sad voice shared with me that “she had been waiting on a plate from the funeral, but it hadn’t come and she was hungry, and Dawn, you know I’m diabetic…”.  If only I could insert how sad her voice sounded…LOL!  Without thinking twice, I offered to pick lunch up for my mother, and take it to her,  but before I could get there, someone had brought her food from the funeral.

After this 10-minute ordeal, I had to silently laugh at myself.  No matter how hard I try, it’s just in me to help people whenever and however I can.  I’ve decided that it’s my genuine love for people that makes me do it.  It’s this love that keeps me going when I’m tired, it’s this love that motivates me to give even when it seems that I don’t have anything to give, it’s this love that allows me to enjoy sacrificing for the sake of others, and it’s this love that allows me to put the needs of others before my own.  Yes I’m introverted, and yes I keep my circle small, but once a person is in my circle, I embrace them with unconditional love and will do all that I can for them.

More than one person has fussed with me about the things I do and the sacrifices that I make for others.  Folks have said I don’t know how to set boundaries, and I don’t know how to say no.  While these things may be true, we only live once and I’d much rather show people that I love them rather than only say it.  Our actions really do speak louder than our words.  I’d like to believe that what I do for others, they would do that and/or more for me in return, but that’s not what motivates to give of myself to others.  I’ve learned that it really is better to give than receive, I’ve learned that there’s joy in seeing others smile simply because I offered a helping hand, I’ve learned the importance of being selfless, and though I may not see the harvest of the seeds of sown in my near future, I know that I will be rewarded one day for making an effort to show love and compassion towards those around me.  I’ve got a mindset that drives me to be selfless and loving towards others.

Until next time…


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