Honored to Serve!

Well, I haven’t posted as much as I would like to here lately.  Life has kept me incredibly busy, which is both great and stressful. Last Monday marked the end of my first year in my management intern program at work, and this year has looked nothing like I  thought it would.  When I started the program, I had not only mapped out my rotation schedule, but I had also identified specific offices that I wanted to work in during my two-year stint in the program.  I’ve worked in one of those offices so far, and I’ve managed to get through three, not the four planned rotations in my first year.  I could be irritated and frustrated about not reaching my goal, but instead, I find myself more excited than ever about my job and the work I’m preparing to do.  Yes, I’m often tired, yes, I’ve failed to go to the gym and cook as I should many times over this past year, but it’s been a long time since I’ve loved going to work this much.  I remember the days when I would wake up looking for a reason to skip work…now it’s not uncommon for me to have to force myself to leave the office.  Spending my days working in the Clinical Center at the NIH has been so refreshing…I know it sounds somewhat crazy to be refreshed by a place that is filled with so many sad situations – young children who are looking for a miracle so death won’t be their fate, adults who have illnesses that their own doctors are unable to diagnose, and so many individuals who are hoping and praying that the latest experimental drug will be their lifesaver – yet, the Clinical Center gives me life, it gives me hope, it reminds me that the work I do matters, and I love it.  Even if my work is only indirectly linked to the patients at the NIH, I’m honored to be able to serve them and be a part of their healing process.  My prayer for each of them, many of whom I will never see, is that they may be well!

Until next time…



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