Just Do It!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen! -Hebrews 11:1

Have you taken a true faith walk lately?  Not a half-hearted journey where you knew a few things up front even if you didn’t necessarily know how ALL of the pieces were going to come together in the end, but a walk of blind faith, a walk into places you’ve never been before, a walk where you decided to say yes to God when everything suggested that you should say no!  I feel challenged in my life to take such a journey in this moment in time.  For a long time, there’s been a tugging at my heart to write a book of devotions or short meditations.  I’ve been dragging my feet…putting a toe in the water, but never fully committing to taking the leap of faith.  I know very few published authors, and of those I know, I haven’t had the courage to share with them this burden that’s on my heart to become a published author.  To me, having such a conversation at this moment seems somewhat crazy…I don’t know how the book will take shape, I’ve barely started writing devotions for the book, I am completely intimidated by the self-publishing process (both the cost factor and editing process), and the timing seems all wrong, I barely have enough time right now, so the thought of adding another thing to my plate seems crazy.  But God…He won’t let me shake this urge to write this book of meditations…meditations to encourage, meditations to heal, meditations to inspire, meditations to motivate, meditations to confirm that God can indeed lift us out of dark places of life…meditations that will impact someone’s life in a profound way.

Personally, the thought of me writing this book seems crazy.  What do I have to share, my story isn’t impressive, yes I’ve had my share of challenges like everyone else, yes I’ve had my share of failures, but I’m just normal…I’m not a big name with lots of connections, I’m not at the top of the totem pole, I certainly wasn’t an English major with childhood aspirations of being a writer…no, I’m just ordinary and to my knowledge, not a single publisher knows my name or has me on their mind (but who knows, with God all things are possible).

And yet…I feel God calling me to take a major step of faith and trust Him completely this time.  This is absolute blind faith, but for perhaps the first time in my life, if God says go, I’m not going to put up a big fuss, I’m not going to resist and be determined to do things my way, I’m going to yield and start writing.  I’m going to reach out to the authors who I know personally to learn more about the process they went through, but most importantly, I’m going to pray.  My prayers aren’t that this journey will be easy, but they will be that my faith won’t waver, that God will show me what it is He wants me to write, that I will be bold enough to trust God to do the impossible in my life and my writing, and that I won’t throw in the towel before the promise is fulfilled.

This is just one of several things that God is nudging me to do in this season of my life.  I’m pushing and pressing towards my destiny fully recognizing that every step won’t be easy, but in the end it will be worthwhile.

Until next time…I’m walking in faith, what about you?


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