So Who Chose Who?

It’s the extremely rare occurrence that I post twice in a single day, but anything’s possible.  Anyway, I just finished writing an essay for my Hebrew Bible mid-term and found myself again fascinated by the complexities of the Hebrew Bible, better known as the Old Testament.

In the assignment, we were asked to compare and contrast the theology of salvation as outlined in Second and Third Isaiah and Ezekiel.  In short, in Second Isaiah and Ezekiel, God chooses who shall receive salvation and seeks them out, while in Third Isaiah, the promise of salvation is freely available to all who choose to seek it.  When challenged to discuss my convictions, I realized that it’s unclear to me if God chooses who shall receive salvation or if we choose God and He graciously grants us His salvation.  While I thought I knew the answer to this, certainly salvation is offered to all and it’s up to us to choose, I quickly came to realize that I’m not so sure that this is really my conviction.  I mean, did I respond to God’s offer of salvation because He decided I would be saved and, in turn, sought me out, or did I freely choose salvation without any divine intervention?  It’s hard for me to believe that God didn’t play a role in my decision to seek salvation, but this question of who chose who leaves me perplexed!  Given God’s compassionate nature, it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that God chooses a select people who will not receive salvation and are therefore doomed to hell…I’m much more comfortable with the thought that some people simply choose to reject God, and so, their failure to receive eternal salvation is a result of personal choice.  Yet, I’m challenged to accept that this may not be the case.  And this makes me wonder, why would my compassionate, loving, caring, and forgiving God reject part of His creation?  Moreover, if God has decided already who will receive the inevitable gift of salvation, why does He call humans to be His mouthpieces throughout the Earth to spread the Gospel, the message of salvation?  These are questions that I certainly don’t know the answer to, but are unavoidable in my mind.  The more I learn, the more I find myself confused and challenged in a positive way.  The mysteries and complexities of God are good, but a real challenge to embrace.  Despite this, my faith remains unchanged, I still walk with God.

Until next time…


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