401789_4064328768898_149543743_nWell, I haven’t written on here in a REALLY long time.  It’s a reflection of the crazy pace that has been my life for several months now.  Truth is…this past year has left me drained.  The constant rotation to new offices, the endless short-term projects, school, and life responsibilities beat me up some kinda way.  Despite what I thought, I bit off more than I could chew and only by God’s grace did I survive.  Now that things have slowed down a bit, I am so glad that summer is here and I’m just a few weeks away from settling into my new “permanent” job.  I need that stability more than one could imagine!

Over these past two years, I’ve seen my weight increase significantly, my fitness level drop to zero, my eating habits…well, let’s just say they’ve been horrible, my house has become a place of clutter, and I’ve been in survival mode!  I’ve spent my days running from meeting to meeting, lunch to coffee/tea, home to work, work to church, and then church to home.  It’s been a tough time, but I made it, and, on the other side of these two years, I’ve learned some things.

  1. My patience for commuting 2(+) hours daily is no longer what it was 6.5 years ago.  I NEED to live closer to my job.
  2. If I don’t like a job, I don’t have to stay there, I simply need a job that will allow me to live comfortably.  That job may not be in the place where I find myself in the moment, so I WILL continue to value networking and I WILL always keep my resume fresh.
  3. Other people don’t need to understand why I’m unavailable when they ask for my time, that’s not necessarily their business, I deserve to be a priority in my own life.  NO can be a regular word in my vocabulary.
  4. My health and well-being are important…I cannot sacrifice those things for work, church, or even family.  I NEED to put gym or exercise time on my daily calendar!
  5. I deserve at least one nice vacation annually.  I VOW to find a relaxing place to visit annually, with friends, family, or me, myself, and I.  I WILL set-aside the funds to make it happen, no questions asked.
  6. I NEED to keep my house decluttered…it really affects my overall well-being.  I sleep and feel better when I’m not surrounded by chaos.
  7. I’ve got a book in me…I’m going to write it!
  8. Despite what others may believe, I’m an AMAZING person and I do deserve to come first in my life!