A Missions Update…

Another day is coming to an end here in Kingston. We had some great laughs tonight. They were much needed after a long day of painting. The blessing is the exterior of the church we’re sharing this time with looks great.

This week has had its share of challenges. I’m far from a punctual person, so I rarely complain about lateness, but the lack of order this week and the constant lateness is driving me up the wall. The perfect example…we’re supposed to be going to baptism at the river at 6am tomorrow. The river is 40 minutes away and we’re leaving at 5:45…am I the only one who has an issue with this. There is clearly no intention of being on time. On top of this, some of us are going to participate in the morning worship service, but no one knows who this is. Church is tomorrow, how do you not know?

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard for me to bite my tongue. I’m thankful to have my dad here with me. That’s my only safe place vent in this world that lives according to the rule, “Be flexible”. For me, I believe in flexibility, but I believe we should also be honest about the challenges of this experience. There’s no criticism…I’m just tired of eating chicken three times a day and I’m tired of disorganization. But, despite tonight’s real frustrations, I know we’re making a difference.


One thought on “A Missions Update…

  1. That’s their “world”, respect it. You are their guest. Spend your time and energy focusing on the mission and reflecting on why you decided to go in the first place. What’s the lesson and blessing you are to gain from this experience? I doubt it is to change their culture and lifestyle. In the midst of every challenge is an opportunity for personal growth; look for yours. Love ya! 🙂

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