I Soon Come, Mon!

This morning I overslept for church in a major way.  Early service begins at 8am, and I woke up around that time making it impossible for me to get from my house to church in time for service!  Initially, I felt bad, but then it occurred to me that I’ve been on the go ever since I got back from Jamaica.  I needed the rest, my body needed the rest, and I shouldn’t feel bad about that…I don’t do a good job of listening to the cues my body gives, but my past behavior doesn’t have to reflect my present or future behaviors.

This brings me to the title of today’s post…I soon come, mon!

Despite being frustrated by the disregard for timeliness while I was in Jamaica, since returning to the States, I have come to appreciate the relaxed approach to life there.  No one is in a rush for anything in Jamaica…arriving an hour or two late is completely normal, and definitely acceptable.  To the contrary, since I’ve been home, life has been moving at its usual swift pace.  The American way seems to be one of start early, work late, jam as much into one’s day as possible, and if possible, avoid vacation, who needs a time of renewal.  We work non-stop, our schedules are packed with social outings, we have families to take care of, and we have responsibilities for outside organizations that are just as burdensome, if not more, as the responsibilities of home and work.  In my experience, people tend to not understand one’s need for a time of relaxation until burnout shows up in their own life, but it shouldn’t be like this.  People shouldn’t be under so much pressure that they work until they fall apart.  Something is wrong with this!

In Jamaica, people affectionately use the phrase, “I soon come” to let one know that he/she will be there to fulfill their responsibility as promised.  The caveat is, “soon come” may be in a few hours or a few days, it simply means that one will get back to you at a point and time in the future.  Everyone knows what the term means, and no one seems to be bothered.  The Jamaican people seem to accept that life will be what it will be when it will be.  How amazing is that!  I feel like telling a few people “I soon come” these days.

At this moment in my life, I don’t want to be bound by strict timelines and unnecessary pressure.  Yes, that may be going against the grain of the American way and it may get me in some trouble in my future, but I’ve got a lot of life in me to live, and I’d like to enjoy it.  As a society, we place ridiculous amounts of stress on ourselves and I believe we’ve lost our ability to truly relax and be renewed.  We don’t even have relaxing weekends anymore!  Our ability to relax is limited to that week away on vacation, but even in that time away, many of us remain connected to work or our daily life.  I don’t think this is good…and for me personally, I’m really thinking long and hard about the changes I need to make to enjoy this life even more.

Until next time…God’s peace!


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