Family Time…

This weekend was filled with lots of travel and lots of much needed fun with my family.  One of my cousins got married on Friday evening and they threw quite the party, and then, my parents had a little barbecue gathering on Saturday afternoon.  It was so good to be around family.  Interestingly, that’s rarely a thought that escapes my mouth.  I’ve have a tendency to be a loner, and while I enjoy being around my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephews, when it comes to extended family, in many cases I don’t feel as connected.  The argument could certainly be made that I tend to push family away and not the reverse, but no the cause of the disconnect, it has been present in the past.  But, this weekend, it was so different.  I was so happy to be around people, and for the first time in a long time, I really felt connected to everyone…I didn’t feel less than in the presence of my loved ones.  What a great feeling that was!

Perhaps the most exciting element of it all was taking my significant other to the family gatherings and introducing him to everyone.  I typically shy away from letting people into my life to that degree, but I’m so glad I carried him along.  He fit right in with my crazy family, and it showed me that people aren’t always looking at me with a critical eye.  It became clear to me that people want me to be happy and they want to know that I’m loved, appreciated, and cared for.  What an awesome change in perspective for me?

Life is about to get real good for me, I just feel it in my bones.  I’ve certainly been through a journey.  I’ve journeyed through low self-esteem, high levels of self-hate, emotionally devastating relationships, church hurt, haters in the workplace, and so many other internal battles in my mind, but I’ve overcome all of those things.  I could have given up and thrown in the towel, there were certainly times when death felt like the easier path, but I survived and I know that I’m a better person because I didn’t give up in the midst of the struggle.

So, family time was good this weekend.  I needed to be in their presence to lifted emotionally…I needed to be in their presence because I needed something to laugh and smile about, I certainly got those things, but I also walked away feeling loved in a new way!

Until next time…I wish you peace my friends!


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