The Thrill of the Challenge…

It seems that I function best under pressure.  For example, I’m rarely early for anything, nope…I somehow manage to produce my best work just moments before a task is due.  I’m fully convinced that this is just my personality, and I think it spills into every area of my life.  True to form, it seems that my recent diabetes scare has brought out the fighter in me once again.  Now that I feel pressured to get control of my health, I’m able to step up and perform!  No doubt I knew I needed to make some changes a year ago, but it wasn’t a pressing matter until last week!  That’s the difference…

Since learning of my test results, I’ve been serious about making changes.  I’ve been out walking and tackling the hills of my neighborhood like they are flat roads (it seems the developers out here forgot what a FLAT road looks like)…I’ve gotten back on My Fitness Pal and have been diligently tracking my daily food intake…I’ve been turning down the sugar, while turning up the water, protein, and vegetables.  Over the weekend, I knew I was going to a cookout at my church, so I made sure I ate a solid and healthy lunch early in the day.  My goal was to minimize my hunger once I was at the church…and I was successful.  After leaving the cookout, I came home and walked nearly 10,000 steps, which brought my total daily step count up to 16,780 steps.  Woohoo…mission accomplished!

Since I got my test results, I’ve made it a point to be active and be conscious of my diet daily.  I haven’t had a cookie in over a week…that’s a miracle right there given my love relationship with them (I could eat cookies everyday)!  The blessing is, changing up my habits hasn’t been all that hard.  A few years ago, this was my norm…I was a gym junkie, I was at spin class faithfully 3-4 days/week, and running the other days…I had a personal trainer and had no fear of lifting weights…the gym used to be my stress reliever!  I was there first thing on a Saturday morning and was all about chasing the next challenge!

In the past few days, the former me is slowly emerging, I’ve got my eyes fixed on a fall 5k, and over the past week, I’ve lost 4 pounds…only 21 more to go to reach my first goal!  If I remain committed, I’m certain I’ll lose 25 pounds before Christmas!  And what makes this all a little easier is tackling this challenge with my sweetheart!  He’s lost over 10 pounds so far.  He’s been faithful to getting in his 10,000+ steps daily, embracing living a healthier lifestyle, and checking up on me daily to make sure I’m doing right!  We’re in this thing together!  So, I guess this proves there is positive to be found in every experience if we’ll be bold enough to look for it.  For me…a negative test result is leading to a positive life change, and I’m happy about it!

Until next time…


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