A Mother’s Love…

WaymanBacktoSchoolA while ago I wrote a blog entitled Everybody Doesn’t Get A Daddy Like This.  In it, I talked about being blessed with an awesome father.  And while my dad is great, I have a pretty amazing mother too.  Today is her birthday, so I thought I’d write about the woman who I’m blessed to call mother.

Without a doubt, I’ve got one of the most loving, caring, patient and forgiving mothers in the world.  Where I’m the one whose ready to go to war in 60 seconds, my mom often has the patience of Job and can somehow always see the potential in people.  If she says a situation is beyond hope, you can rest assured you’ve gone off track in a major way.  Despite her kindness though, my mother always embraced the policy of tough love.  When it comes to me, she’s always been the one to discipline in love.  Unfortunately, I didn’t receive tough love too well as a youngster…tough love resulted in me saying many unkind things to my mother.  And yet, despite us not always getting along the best, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate how much my mother cares for me.  For her, family has always come first. My mean statements certainly led to some heartache and pain, but they never caused her to love me any less.  Instead, I’m convinced that it caused her to pray harder that she and her only daughter would have a positive relationship one day.  And somehow, through life’s interesting journey, that happened.

My life’s journey to some lonely and dark places opened my eyes to something very important…in the lowest places of life, in the most depressed places of my life when it seemed that there was no one in my corner who truly knew all that I was feeling, my mom was always there.  There were times when I didn’t even have to utter a word, she just knew what I was feeling, and was there.  Everybody doesn’t get a mother like that!

My mom is a mother who knew the value of a family eating dinner together around the table every night and engaging in meaningful conversation and the importance of her family attending church together when we were kids.  My mom knew the value of always being present in school not just to teach other children, but to let our teachers know that she was raising two intelligent black children who needed to be challenged to think deeper on a daily basis.  My mother knew how to love us without spoiling us completely rotten, and, perhaps most importantly, my mother truly knew the value of letting the village play a role in raising us.

I’m fortunate enough to have parents who were all in when I was a child, and remain all in to this day.  They are advisors, confidantes, cheerleaders, and most of all, role models for me.  They certainly haven’t gotten everything right along the way, but they’ve corrected me when I’ve been wrong, and they’ve sincerely tried to put me on the right path in life.  For that, I still look up to them in so many areas of my life.  They’ve taught me how to humble, they’ve taught me how to appreciate the smallest of blessings, they’ve shown me how to value family and never forget where I’ve come from, they’ve taught me the importance of giving back, and they’ve shown me that with God all things are indeed possible.  From humble beginnings, they’ve done amazing things.  No matter how successful I may become in this life, I will never forget that I’m where I am because my parents sowed into my life!  I simply pray that one day, God will afford me the opportunity to try to be a wife and mother that’s half as good as my mom!

Until next time….


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