Never Too Old!

This weekend I managed to sneak away for my (almost) annual visit with a dear college friend who has really become family to me!  These visits are always refreshing for the soul and tend to be very low key…mainly going out to shop or grab a bite to eat, but nothing that requires lots of exertion!

This weekend, my friend’s daughter desperately wanted to go peach picking.  Unfortunately after venturing out to two farms, we managed to miss the peach picking time at both.  My heart wasn’t completely broken as I’m not the biggest fan of peaches…I’m not sure if it’s the fuzz or the syrup that goes along with canned peaches, but they just aren’t at the top of my list of fruits.  And truthfully, outside of a few fruits…grapes, apples, strawberries, clementines, and the occasional banana (it can’t be too ripe), I’m not too adventurous when it comes to eating fruits.  You won’t see me eating apricots or blueberries or plums or nectarines or cantaloupe or watermelon…nope, it’s not that I haven’t given some of them a try, but they’re just not my cup of tea.  I’m content with apples, seedless oranges that are easy to peel, and grapes.  But this weekend, I ventured into new territory!

Since there were no peaches to be picked, and we had to pick something to make my friend’s daughter smile, we headed out to pick blackberries.  Being the country girl that I am, I was quite content picking the fruit, but I had absolutely no intention of actually tasting the berries.  I planned to pick a pint and take them to my mother for her birthday…but something got into me at breakfast on Sunday morning, I took a giant leap of faith and ate my first blackberry…it wasn’t that bad!  In fact, it was pretty good, so I ate two more and decided to take this delectable fruit off of my banned foods list.

This is certainly proof that we’re never too old to try something new, to look at life differently, to be bold and adventurous, or simply to be open to the new experiences of each day!  I have no idea why I’ve been so averse to blackberries over the years…I honestly wish I had a good reason for not liking this fruit…I’d like to think that because they’re black, I thought they would taste like licorice or something along those lines, but in all honestly, I probably heard my brother or father say they didn’t like blackberries, so I wasn’t willing to give them a chance.

It’s amazing how quickly we avoid the unknown because it’s uncomfortable.  But, as I’ve come to learn over and over and over again these past few years, it’s in the unknown places where we learn and grow so much.  I think about how many other things I’ve avoided over the years because I thought I wouldn’t like “it” and wonder how life would look differently if I had just moved away or changed my major or pursued photography more passionately or seriously studied a musical instrument or did any number of other things.  I guess some things, I’ll never know, but for others, well, I guess it’s still not too late.  I’m not saying I’m about to get up and go try a whole lot of new stuff…let’s just be real, change is difficult for me, but perhaps I can at least be more open to the idea of embracing new things and new experiences.

No matter one’s age…we will always be young enough to embrace the beauty of trying something new for the very first time.

Until next time…live life on the edge!



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