Our Gifts Do Make Room…

gift After today’s morning worship service, my guy and I went out with some others to share communion with one of the senior members of our church who is unable to attend service on a regular basis.  Visiting with her is always a wonderful time, but I’ve come to appreciate it even more since B has been a part of my life.  He truly has a gift and passion for senior adults.  As a result, he is able to engage in dialogue with seniors in such a loving way.  I didn’t fully understand it until seeing him in action a few weeks ago…he has such compassion when dealing with seniors, he truly has a heart for them, and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is the area where God has gifted him to do ministry.  Today, much to our surprise, God opened yet another  door in his life, and perhaps mine too!

After sharing communion with our friend, we were getting ready to step on the elevator when a resident of the nursing home stopped and asked us could we come and fellowship with a group of residents.  At first, we were a bit confused about the exact thing he was asking us to do, but it soon became clear that there were a group of residents who wanted to have a prayer and praise service, but there was no one there to lead them.  We soon learned that there is someone who leads worship with them on every Sunday except the first Sunday, and today the residents had decided that they still wanted to worship!  And thanks be to God, we were able to lead them in worship!

B was amazing!  I was really proud of him! I was his sidekick and psalmist, as he led us in prayer and shared how being asked to share in fellowship with the residents today was an answer to a prayer!  His dream is to one day open an assisted living facility.  In the meantime, he’s developing a non-profit whose mission is to serve disadvantaged populations, specifically seniors and individuals with mental health disorders.  His goal is to ensure that these individuals do not feel left out from society.  To that end, in his events, he seeks to uplift and encourage individuals through prayer, meditation, and a time of engaging in games and activities.  I know God has great things in store for him! But, back to today…

We prayed with the residents, we shared scripture, and thanks be to God, we were able to share a brief meditation with absolutely no preparation.  We talked about the meaning of Immanuel – God is with us – and how that rings true no matter where life has placed us in this season.  We then shared some songs and hymns, and left with an assignment to learn Onward Christian Soldiers before we return for a visit again.

This experience threw quite the wrench in my plans for today, but it was well worth it.  In a conversation last night with B, we had just talked about our gifts making room for us.  We talked about the challenge of waiting patiently for God to open a door, but I think today was complete proof of what God will do when we let Him order our steps.  If all goes as we hope, with the blessings of our pastors, B and I are going to try to go and share in fellowship at this nursing home every first Sunday after our morning worship service ends.  And, most importantly, we aren’t doing it for personal gain or recognition, we simply want to share with others a little bit of what God has given to us!