Just a Little Whitewater…


Well, I managed to check another item off of my 101 list over the weekend!  While in Columbus, GA with B and his family for their family reunion, we opted to go on a whitewater rafting excursion.  Initially, I was a bit nervous about going (as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a real coward…having absolutely no control over my fate is increasingly hard for me to handle), but what an awesome time I had!  After my nerves settled, our time on the water was the most relaxing two hours of the entire trip.  We were on Class I-III rapids, so they werent’t too bad.  In fact, by the end I was thinking, “That rapid wasn’t even that challenging!”  We did 360 degree turns through the rapids, we jumped in the middle of the raft and let the water carry us through the waves, we surfed the rapids, and we jumped out in the water and floated down a lazy river for a bit too!  No one fell out of the boat, but B’s cousins weren’t so fortunate.  Their raft capsized as they were surfing the rapids…from what they say, flipping over was kinda fun!  Had that been our boat, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been that one who was kicking and screaming!  I’m thankful to have been spared that bit of embarrassment and shame.  But given how fun the experience was, I’m hoping I’ll be more open to trying more new and adventurous things in the future, even if they may be a bit nervous.

Now about Columbus, GA…what a neat small city!  B and I have become quite the tourists whenever we travel together.  We tend to be the ones in the group who go out and explore the stores, restaurants, and museums in the area.  On our first night in town, we tried out a donut burger at Nonic Bar and Kitchen.  While a trendy dish, it wasn’t my thing…I really wanted a polish dog, but we decided to go with the recommendation of our waitress.  It was certainly an interesting mix of sweet and savory, but it was way too sweet for me.  I don’t think I’ll order that again. We also ate at a neat little “inexpensive” spot called Plucked Up Chicken.  We split an order of chicken and biscuits and a biscuit sandwich with ham, goat cheese, and jalapeño jelly.  The food was AMAZING!!!!!  The chicken and biscuits was definitely a play on chicken and waffles…they were sprinkled with chopped bacon and drizzled with syrup.  I’d definitely go there again.

We also spent one of our afternoons at the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning.  The mission of the museum is to honor the legacy and valor of the U.S. Army Infantryman. Hands down, this has to be the best museum I’ve ever been to.  We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there.  We got to walk through the last 100 years of 10 major battles fought by the infantrymen of the US Army, view lots of weapons, tankers, helicopters, and uniforms, watch amazing videos about the army, Ft. Benning, and the infantry experience, and read the stories of some amazing soldiers.  The figures in the museum were incredible.  According to our curator, several soldiers from Ft. Benning were sent to New York where their bodies were cast and used to create the replicas observed in each of the exhibits. The replicas were so lifelike…it was insane!  While I’m not a history buff at all, I left the museum wanting to learn more about world history.  I was quite sad that we could not see the entire exhibit, and will definitely go back if my travels should ever take me to Columbus again.

So, I’m very thankful for another opportunity to live life to the fullest!





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