Journeying to 101: High Tea

0512181641Would You Like An Adventure Now, Or Shall We Have Our Tea First? – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I love tea of all kinds, particularly unsweetened tea with a bit of lemon. For Mother’s Day this year, I enjoyed high tea at Turnbridge Point with the ladies of my mom’s family (another check off my 101 list…yay!!!). We had a wonderful afternoon of laughing and sharing together.

I’ve heard lots about Turnbridge Point from my Eastern Shore friends. Their reviews are definitely on point! This was my first time visiting this quaint bed and breakfast, but I can assure you it won’t be my last. Chef Steve put together an amazing menu—cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad croissants, quiche, apricot scones, and a variety of desserts. I have a very strong hate relationship with cucumbers, but I ate the entire sandwich. It was amazing! To make the day even more exciting, we all dressed up and wore our fancy hats! We were preparing for the Royal Wedding . . . I wore one of my grandmother’s hats. Of course it barely fit my head, but I rocked it to remember her anyway. Life always seems so busy and stressful. High tea was the perfect opportunity to just relax and have fun with the ladies.

It wasn’t the grandest of Mother’s Day celebrations, but we had lots of fun.