Journeying to 101: What’s Going On…

beige analog gaugeI’ve been silent here lately. Lots of things going on and I’ve just been allowing life to unfold. I thought I’d jump on and give a few quick updates on my 101 list tonight. To my shock, I started this list just over a year ago! Time flies . . . it’s been a challenging and fun time for me. I’m excited about being even more intentional in working on my list in the days to come.  So, what’s been going on . . .

Launched a new website. I took the leap and finally checked this off the list. My original plan was to relaunch this blog with a new web address, but plans changed. After dragging my feet and contemplating how to approach the new website, one afternoon while standing in the basement of my former pastors’ home, I got the idea to use the new website for the sole purpose of writing and sharing devotions. This new website is truly a ministry platform for me. On occasion, I may share a bit of my daily musings there, but it’s primarily a platform to share my writing. That’s the area where God has been dealing with me a great deal lately, so I’ve chosen to be obedient to that call in this season. When you have a minute check out the new site, Between Faith and Fear. Feel free to sign up to receive a weekly devotion while you’re there.

Attended the Publishing in Color Conference. In line with my focus on writing, I was privileged to attend the inaugural Publishing in Color Conference last week at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary. What an awesome experience? I’m fairly new to this writing thing. I enjoy this work, but the world of publishing is foreign to me. Last week, I met some incredible people who poured wonderful blessings into my spirit. I’ve not had a chance to fully process the experience yet, but I’m certain great things are in store for me. Before it’s all said and done, I think God is preparing to blow my natural mind.

There are a few other things bubbling up, but they’re not quite on the surface yet, so my lips are still sealed. Life is so good. God has been more than faithful. Church folks often say, “I don’t look like what I’ve been through.” I used to think that phrase was cliché and meaningless, but now that I’ve lived a little and survived some real challenges and tests, my true confession is just that . . . I don’t look like what I’ve been through! God has been better than good to me, and I’ve got a strange suspicion that He’s just getting started in my life. My prayer is that I will always stay humble, remain rooted, and be eager to live a life that pleases God alone.

I’m looking forward to the journey in front of me . . .



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