Journey to 101: Setting Sail with the Fam!

I’m pretty sure I’m always missing in action on this blog. It’s not intentional, it’s purely a reflection of life. It’s always a busy time. I returned back to seminary (kinda full-time), I continue to settle into my home (I LOVE IT!!!!), and work is always exciting and busy. So . . . I’ve been having lots of fun, doing lots of work, and keeping busy. I did manage to check a couple things off my 101 list though…

Going on a vacation with my family and going on a cruise! Yay!!!!!

For the Thanksgiving holiday, I enjoyed a week away with the family cruising to the Bahamas. We had a blast! The time went quick, but I loved nearly every minute of my time away. My love of the time was questionable while riding on the airboat with the alligators, crocodiles, or whatever that was swimming next to us, but other than that it was all good.

Snorkeling in Nassau

Perhaps for the first time ever, I was intentional in leaving technology at home during this trip. I had planned to read two books, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t check e-mail, I didn’t access social media, and with the exception of one evening, I didn’t talk on the phone. It was so nice to be disconnected from my daily routine and be present with my family.

Despite what my mother thinks, this introvert really does love people. But sometimes we really do need a break and a moment of disconnection from life’s daily routine which includes people. This vacation did it for me. It also reminded me of the great need I have in my life to be intentional in taking vacation at least once annually. In reality, I think I need it a bit more down time . . . one day I’ll get there.

The highlights of the trip—seeing my nephews smile the entire week (this made me smile), seeing the beautiful homes as we rode out to go snorkeling (I need to own a home on the water one day), snorkeling with the fam, singing karaoke, and reenacting an episode of the Swamp People. It was an awesome time away with those I love the most. I definitely am ready for my next cruise because either I slept through a lot or I just didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. No complaints though because I really needed the rest. I don’t ever have to spend another Thanksgiving at home helping to prepare a large meal, I’m completely fine with being away and relaxing in a new place.


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