Dream Big. Pray Hard. Just Believe.

dream big scrabbleFor almost a year, I’ve spent a lot of my time with one who dares to dream big dreams…one who chases crazy, impossible, insane dreams…one who stops at nothing when it comes to pursuing his dreams!  When the odds say the dream just isn’t possible, his response is, “God showed me this, and I know He’s going to bring it to pass.”  When the money is tight, he says, “If I give all that God has asked me to give to Him, He will provide for all of my needs…does He not say test Me, then watch Me open up the floodgates and pour out blessings that we won’t have room enough to receive.”  When I offer a discouraging word or simply say now is not the time to follow a dream, his response is, “I trust God…you might not believe it, but my faith will not waver on the dream God showed me.  You can go with me or stay here, but I’m believing God for this.”  While his circumstances may have changed over time, his faith has remained the same…God gave him the dream and he has decided to trust God!

This has been an area of real struggle for me.  I’m not one who dreams big…I’m pretty certain that I dream within reason, but if one thinks long and hard about that, the question arises, Am I really dreaming?  If a thought doesn’t take me away from my present reality into the promises of God for my tomorrow, am I dreaming, or am I merely thinking about future possibilities for my life.  It’s something to consider.  For me, I would argue that my dreams are more likely to be classified as extended thoughts on this life of mine, and not true dreams because dreams lift us out of our comfort zone and cause us to put real action to our thoughts, that’s territory that I haven’t fully submitted myself to yet.

I’ve learned that big, bold, daring dreams won’t let us rest.  When a dream has truly taken root in our lives, we start praying about it and earnestly seek God’s face for guidance and direction.  When dreams really take root in our hearts, we stay attuned to opportunities and experiences that will push us closer to fulfilling that dream.  When our dreams drive us, we don’t get deterred if we fall a time or two or three, no, we keep on getting back up over and over and over again because we’ve decided that our dream must become our reality, and we know that our God is too big and too awesome to fail!  We learn to look at the dreams of others being fulfilled and we start speaking that thing over our own life…we start saying, “I don’t see it yet, but I know God’s going to do it.  My season might not be here yet, but I’m going to work like it’s already here.  Even if I’m going through, I’m still trusting God for greater.”  That’s what those who dream big think…they dream it, they pray about it, and they earnestly believe it.

I don’t think I’m that kind of dreamer yet, but one day, that’s who I want to be…a big and bold dreamer!  I want to go beyond thinking about crazy and impossible things, and start walking in them!  Back to this dreamer that I spend lots of time with…

Several months ago, he told me he wanted to start a non-profit that would serve senior citizens.  I didn’t think it was the right time for him to do this, I’m a bit traditional and I tend to think in a very linear fashion.  From my perspective, he was skipping from A to Q or R or S, and forgetting about everything in between, but despite my complaining, he never stopped pursuing his dream.  And, this weekend, he will be partnering with an organization to host his first outreach event with a group of low income seniors.  They will be serving a meal and providing an afternoon of activities for a group seniors who reside in a low-income housing facility.  It’s not the fulfillment of the complete dream, but it’s a step in that direction, and more importantly, it’s proof that if we dream big, pray hard, and believe, God will use our faith to do the seemingly impossible!  Not only am I proud of my guy for sticking to his dream and going through the challenge of the process, but I am encouraged by him to dream bigger in and for my own life!

Until next time…be bold enough to dream big dreams!